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Salmon Fishing Guide Article

Gear for Salmon Fishing

Many people anxiously wait for the season in which salmon will start to run. Many people cannot wait to throw their lines in the water just to see what the day will bring. If you are excited about the day when you can get all of your gear for salmon fishing back together and get out on the water, you are not alone. There are literally thousands upon thousands of people each year that anxiously wait the day when they can catch their first salmon for the year. However, each year, many people go out on the water and fish for salmon for the first time. If you are a first time salmon fisherman, it is important that you understand what kind of gear that you will need to salmon fish with success.

The first part of the gear that is required to salmon fish is the fishing pole. Yes, this is obvious, but some people do not understand that you catch salmon by a fishing pole. Before deciding on the type of fishing pole that will be required to catch salmon, it is important to have a goal in mind on what type of salmon that you wish to catch. Once you have decided what type of salmon you wish to focus on catching, you will be able to make a determination on what type of fishing pole that is required in order to catch that species. If you are still unsure of what type of fishing pole that you should acquire, you should seek the opinion of other salmon fisherman, or a professional in the salmon industry.

The next piece of fishing gear that you will need in order to fish for salmon is fishing line. It is important to purchase fishing line that is appropriate for the type of fishing pole that you have purchased. However, you must carefully consider the fact that you are fishing for salmon and they can end up weighing quite a bit. Most people who opt to fish for salmon find that purchasing line that is a heavier weight, for example, 15 weights, suits the task more appropriately than the smaller fishing line. However, if you choose a fishing line that is heavier in nature, it is very important that you also have a fishing pole that can support the weight as well. If you do not, the line may hold the salmon that you catch, but you stand a risk of damaging the pole that you have purchased for salmon fishing.

The last piece of essential fishing gear that will be required in order to succeed at salmon fishing is fishing lures. When shopping for a fishing lure, it is important that you select a fishing lure that is appropriate to the type of waters that you will be fishing in, the species of salmon that you wish to catch, and the type of fishing pole and line that you have purchased. If you are unsure of how to place all the pieces of your fishing gear for salmon fishing together, you should seek the advice of a professional sportsman that fishes for salmon on a regular basis.

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Salmon Fishing Guide News

Fishing Trips- Lake Newell

As we fished the south end of Newell, we noticed a couple boats that looked like they were catching the odd fish. The wind was the calmest it had been all day and we found a nice break in structure from a 25ft – 12ft drop. We threw out the drift s


Gone Fishing- Pine Coulee

Sunday morning we left Calgary and headed for Pine Coulee west of Stavely. The Weather was cloudy and cool. I figured we might get out there and have to come back home due to rain.


Fishing Trips- Crawling Valley

The weather man says there are blue skies on the horizon and sun for the next two to three days straight. I awoke this morning to the sounds of a robin chirping the song of a new day. It was early when I arose at 7:00 Am and the robin's song was qui


General Info- Bow River

We went out one last time before he left town for a month or so. I opted to use spinner bait exclusively yesterday but why only spinner bait and nothing else. Why not a plug of some sort? Why only spinners? The river has come alive with bugs of all sorts.