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Chinook Salmon Article

Salmon Fishing

Each year, thousands of people flock to conquer the task of salmon fishing. Each year, many of these people bring many people along that are new to salmon fishing. If you are one of the people that are going along for your first salmon fishing trip, there are many things that you should know prior to throwing in your line. Here, you will find many interesting things when it comes to salmon fishing that will assist you in becoming successful in your salmon fishing endeavors.

One of the first things that you should learn before trying out your first salmon fishing trip is the variety of species in salmon that are out there. For each of the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, there are native salmon species. There are many bodies of water that are located in the Northern part of the United States that contain many species of salmon fish. Most of these types of species of salmon are considered freshwater. That is, they will not run in the oceans. They probably do not run either because of their preference for freshwater.

When you decide to pursue the sport of salmon fishing, it is important that you understand that salmon run in certain seasons each year. A salmon has the basic trait of returning to the original location of birth. When salmon run, this is the area that they will return to. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to fishing for the larger species of salmon, like the king salmon.

There are a few basic things that will be required in the area of fishing gear when you decide to pursue salmon fishing. When you decide to do salmon fishing, you should have a fishing pole, appropriate fishing line, fishing weights to match the fishing line, and fishing lures that are considered appropriate for the type of salmon fishing that you are performing. You must also select the fishing gear that is considered right for the type of body of water that you are fishing in. Many people who salmon fish also ensure that they select fishing gear that is specific to the species of salmon that they choose to fish for.

Most people who salmon fish agree that fishing lures are the way to go. However, there are many people who opt to use bait when they perform salmon fishing. If you wish to use bait when you salmon fish, you can use worms, flies, and various types of other baits. If you use a species for the bait that you select, it is important to make the bait seem as if it is struggling by the way that you move your line.

If you choose to salmon fish, it is very important that you learn as much as you possibly can in order to be successful. You should research and study salmon fishing prior to taking your first salmon fishing trip. If you do so, you are sure to reel them in one after one.

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Chinook Salmon News

Congress bans FDA from approving genetically modified fish

Genetically modified salmon will not go on sale in the U.S. The House of Congress has voted to ban the Food and Drug Administration from passing the fish fit for human consumption. The FDA had said last year that they thought the fish, which grows twice


Killer whales love to dine on chinook salmon, which could further endanger their future

Killer whales attack prey as large as gray whales and as small as herring. But the killer whales of the San Juan Islands prefer to eat chinook salmon -- and that could be their ruin.


Auditor-General needs to act or future dire for salmon

Some people look at the Fraser and see the most productive salmon river in the world, a remarkably beautiful and rich watershed that provides perfect habitat for everything from giant spawning chinook to tiny pink fry. Others see a gravel mine.


Federal scientists probe decline of B.C. salmon runs

Federal scientists are working to solve the mystery of why Canada's Pacific salmon is disappearing while other species, such as hake, are thriving. In a five-year study in the Strait of Georgia, off the east coast of Vancouver Island, a team from t


Columbia Summer Steelhead closed indefinitely

Columbia River steelhead season postponed indefinitely due to the decline in Chinook Salmon