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Sonoma Diet Plan – Easy weight loss plan?

The Sonoma Diet is a Western Hemisphere version of the Mediterranean diet which has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. The diet consists of delicious fruits and vegetables, breads, cereals, white meat, lean red meat, pork, eggs, non-fat dairy, fish, and soybeans. Just like the Mediterranean diet you’ll use olive oil and nuts as your main source for good fat. The good thing is that you can use all the herbs and spices you want to flavor these healthy, delicious foods.


The added bonus to all these cancer and heart-disease fighting foods is that they also help you to lose weight. The Sonoma Diet Plan is based on scientific research that shows how to live a healthier more energized life. You will feel better and look better once you’re on this diet. With all of the power foods your body will get the nutrients needed for health and will not make you gain weight. The recipes that you’ll find in this diet plan bring out the best flavors in every food and will help your body absorb the nutrients in the most effective way possible.

The Sonoma Diet Plan helps you to lose weight quickly during the early stages, you’re your weight loss will taper off until you gradually reach your target weight. Then you can continue on the Sonoma Diet Plan to maintain your ideal weight by using good eating habits for the rest of your life.

The Sonoma Diet information is presented in the book called The Sonoma Diet and also at their online site. Not only is the diet plan described, but you can receive healthful and attractive recipe choices, tips and instructions. The goal of the diet plan is to provide delicious healthy food and enjoy—even celebrate—eating it. Losing weight and keeping it off is just a byproduct of the plan.

The literature and support you receive through the online program provides answers to the difficult questions and support when the going gets rough. Users of the Sonoma Diet often report a difference in the way they feel and look within the first few days of following the Sonoma diet plan. Be prepared to learn a new way of thinking and feeling as well. You’ll look at food, at life in a whole new way. You’ll see what it is that you’ve been missing in all those failed diets you tried before. Once you try the Sonoma Diet Plan, you’ll never want to return to the old eating habits.


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