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The Diet Zone

The importance of diet in our daily lives is well analyzed over the years by many experiments and studies conducted by renowned scientists. Dr. Barry Sears is a well known researcher who has formulated a perfect diet as the basis for perfect living.


His years of experiments in food, diet and the pattern in which the intake of food is arranged formed the basis of the research conducted on the diseases caused by food. He firmly believed that the food is the cause of the diseases. His family suffered from a lineage of heart diseases and hence his interest in finding out the reason for that. The outcome is his famous Zone Diet.

His writings on food and diet are supported by many medical faculties especially the Harward Medical School. He wrote a book on Diet Zone in 1995, which was a best seller in New York. The people who followed his diet pattern found it very easy to follow with a simple approach and the result was phenomenal especially in reducing the excess weight.

The food intake always results in the increase in the insulin level. If the insulin level is kept under control, the general health is maintained well without giving any scope for ailments. The easy way to keep the insulin at the same level without much variation is achieved by eating at regular intervals, at least five times a day. It combines three full meals with two snacks in between.

This is the basis for Dr. Barry Sears’ research and he had found that it works in a positive way. Starving depletes the insulin level in the blood stream. When the next meal is consumed the quantity of food intake becomes more to refurbish the insulin level. This results in the insulin level suddenly increasing beyond the normal level. This sudden dip and the sharp increase in insulin becomes the main cause of many diseases.

Dr. Barry Sears’ suggestion is to eat at regular intervals, a small quantity of food. It helps maintain the insulin at the same level. The adequate combination of carbohydrates, fat and protein is essential for a balanced meal. By eating a variety of delicious meals at regular intervals which are less in fat, a proper health is maintained.

He further suggests that exercise should be a part of one’s daily life. Medical advice should be sought to follow the exercises which would suit the individual needs. To reiterate his theory he has written over ten books.

A visit to his website also can be highly informative about the facts and procedures in food consumption. A thorough understanding of the functions of the body would help to follow the diet program with conviction.


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