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Diet Patch and Overeating

Nicotine patch, or diet patch could appear like an excellent idea, but the truth is it’s not a drug. Magic patch is incapable, claimed some doctors, to stop people from overeating. Currently, the grounds of debate is that certain foods appear to act more like a drug than other foods. As there’s no means to make a patch cause someone stop eating altogether, researchers are certain that particular foods can have slighter cravings if the body has a substitute supply of the chemical that makes the person crave it.


Chocolate is a fine illustration of this since women crave it more than men and that woman’s cravings are rather dependant on hormonal levels. It directs one to believe that there must be options for replacing that chemical crave with something more medical than with chocolate itself; on a firmly chemical level, there’s possibility to change the hormonal level in a way to end hankering for chocolate.

But, a diet patch that pretends to end overeating of pizza, Krispy Kreme donuts or Ben and Jerry’s ice cream—how would that work precisely? What’s on pizza that can make a yearning for it so solid? Many would claim that they’re just conditioned cravings, that eating pizza generates cravings. The likelihood of a patch stops the cravings implies that either all Krispy Kreme donuts or all flavors of Ben and Jerry’s have some chemical in them before craving can occur.

The only other option for this working would be that the result of the patch is simply psychosomatic. If people think that the patch will stop them from overeating, this mental control might just be that is really needed.

Anyhow, the only point that is already clear is that doctors assent that a patch cannot treat you of overeating in a total sense. Whereas it may be probable to restrain cravings for specific things, like chocolate, in some, the assurance of a diet patch that gets you to stop overeating in a total sense is, according to researchers, nonsense. Besides this diet patch, there are patches that declare to make you shed weight by offering the body substances such as hoodia transdermally; these too should be shunned. The outcome is that when it is about diet ‘magic fixes’, just like economical ‘magic fixes’, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is—don’t waste your time and money.


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