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Low Calorie Snacks

A common belief amongst dieters is that eating snacks will destroy your diet. Research is supporting the understanding instead that snacks may actually help you stick to your diet as long as you make healthy choices and donít overeat. Snacking can be beneficial to any weight-loss diet. It will help to prevent binging. By having a small nutritious snack you will prevent overeating at your next meal. You can get much-needed extra energy and nutrients by a nutritious snack during the day.


In order to have healthy and easy snacks available, plan ahead. Do your grocery shopping with healthy snacks in mind and donít shop while youíre hungry. If you make a list and stick to it and spend the least possible amount of time in the store, you are more likely to come home with good choices. Once you get the foods home, prepare or at least package them in handy serving size bags so they are readily available to you instead of grabbing something harmful to your diet.

Whole grain snacks are easy and healthy snacking options. They are rich in fiber and carbohydrates so they give you energy that lasts. Try low fat whole grain crackers, whole grain crisp breads, and whole grain pretzels.

Fruits and vegetables are simple snacking alternatives. They will provide you with a feeling of fullness that will help you make it until the next meal. They are fat free and have very few calories. In addition, they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients. Try raw carrots, celery sticks, apples or bananas.

Nuts and seeds are clever snacks that are easy to incorporate into any weight loss diet plan. They provide protein, which helps you feel fuller longer. In addition, they possess mostly monounsaturated fat, which is the healthy kind. Nuts do however contain a lot of calories so do not eat them in large quantities. Soy nuts are a great choice.

Low fat diary products are another healthy snacking solution. Cheese, yogurt and other dairy products are rich in protein and calcium. They are also vital sources of other minerals and vitamins. It is important to choose low fat or light dairy products to limit your caloric intake. Try fat free pudding or light yogurt.

Remember, the key things to remember are that the snacks should be low calorie, you should not allow yourself to over eat them, and nutrition is vital.


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