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Why Barbequing Is So Popular

Barbequing is one of the most popular of all American traditions. Almost half of all American families derive great pleasure from throwing as well as attending barbeque parties. They wait in great anticipation for what is popularly known as “barbeque season”, which is actually anytime of the year that it is not snowing or raining. Conversations and hearty discussions revolve around the central theme of barbequing – different barbecuing methods, different foods that can be barbequed, the different flavors and textures acquired by using different marinades. It’s everything barbeque. Studies show that as many as 90% of all American families attend at least one barbeque party and abut 40% throw some kind of barbeque celebration.


Who can blame them for this barbeque craze? You can let your creative juices run wild when you barbeque. You can innovate by mixing and matching marinades and coming up with your own unique creation. Every barbeque party is different in that every dish is unique and so is the venue and the barbequing method, each one of which is distinctive and adds its own special touch. The taste and aroma of grilled meat can tempt even the fussiest meat eater to indulge.

You can use a wide variety of meats as well as fish and other side dishes when barbequing. Traditionally beef, pork and fish seem to be the most popular choices. Many grocers and fish mongers keep meats and fish that are pre-cut and packaged specially for barbequing. Besides the meat they would also have an assortment of marinades and spices for barbequing and sometimes even an entire grilling kit.

Potato salad, coleslaw and beans are the most popular side dishes that accompany the main barbeque dishes. These dishes are easy to prepare in advance and will keep well till it is time for it to be served.

You can acquire different flavors by using different kinds of grills. A barbeque favorite is the natural ‘smoked’ flavor and this can be got by using a smoker or charcoal grill. Smoker grills have the added advantage of allowing you to use different kinds of wood so you could control and make small adjustments in the flavor of the meat. Propane grills also give meat a grilled flavor and in a much shorter time.

Some grills come in a choice of cooking surfaces that you can choose from including a ribbed grill, flat grill and a BBQ surface. A few gas grills come especially designed with a Wok-like surface, which are ideal for cooking rice and pasta dishes. Other grills have a full rotisserie, which is very convenient for grilling a full chicken.

The whole charm of hosting a barbeque party is that a barbeque itself is reason for hosting the party. You don’t have to wait for a reason to celebrate and throw a party. As a barbeque party is always held outdoors, it gives your guest a perfect opportunity to mingle in a casual setting.

You can add to the gaiety of a barbeque party by hosting a themed barbeque party. Once you’ve decided on the theme you could buy loads of decoration in that theme. Guests could also be asked to dress up. A beach theme would provide a perfect barbeque setting. Get loads of shells, sand and ask guest to come dressed for the beach. The food could be all sea food.

Barbequing is so popular for entertaining because the food preparation is more fun than work. Guests are part of the cooking process. It is almost for most American families, and one that everyone can participate in.


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